In order to mobilize the community Bharatiya Jana Seva Mission  – Top NGO in Kolkata aims to directly contact women including adolescents, pregnant women, women members of Bharatiya Jana Seva Mission technical resource center, village health and sanitation committee members, women Para- health workers and traditional birth attendants. The aims of the Awareness programme on Women & Child Development  is to empower the community area by creating awareness on maternal health entitlements, and enabling them to raise their voices to ensure service delivery and enhance accountability. 

Malaria and other vector borne diseases contribute heavily to ill health in developing countries, including several areas in India. In this year we have conduct Awareness progrrame on vector borne diseases particularly malaria control at the Tea Estate area of Darjeeling District . In this campaign aims to raise awareness about the threat posed by vectors and vector-borne diseases and to stimulate families and communities to take action to protect themselves. The core element of the campaign is to provide communities with information. The team at Bharatiya Jana Seva Mission is working towards raising the levels of awareness in community through various advocacy initiatives that are directed towards reducing the spread of the diseases.

Health Camp aim at promoting health seeking behaviour in the long term and thus, unlike a general curative health camp, these camps also majorly work on building awareness regarding common ailments, family planning methods, nutrition and hygiene and sanitation. These camps provide comprehensive health services free of any cost. Regular check-ups at the health camps have revealed serious problems of anemia, drug addiction, high blood pressure, malaria and dengue, eyesight problems and worm infestations mostly in children. Health education for the adolescent and underprivileged village girls has been one of the focus areas for Bharatiya Jana Seva Mission . Keeping this in view, sanitary napkins are being distributed to the girl students in schools, which Bharatiya Jana Seva Mission is supporting. Doctors have been interacting with these girls teaching them the need to maintain proper hygiene to avoid future complications.

Bharatiya Jana Seva Mission has emerged as an example in establishing accessible and affordable reproductive health service model for the marginalized women and children of the community. Bharatiya Jana Seva Mission implementation model merges community and clinical services to meet the wide range of community needs. Through the Community Based Programs, Bharatiya Jana Seva Mission focuses on programs with a strong bearing on critical human needs like health and health awareness building, and considers the community as an extended family, pooling its local knowledge and resources together to meet the communities’ basic health needs.

The major objectives of the projects are – Stop preventable maternal deaths by making sure women can access care at every stagebefore, during, and after her pregnancy , Make sure every woman has access to the information and health carefrom her home to the health facilityto safely deliver her baby and care for herself and her children , Prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child by identifying and supporting pregnant women who are HIV-positive.