Like other basic need of the people, information is another basic requirement. To improve quality of life and potential of the people to participate in knowledge based society there is a need of library. We have run our library Service name “ Probodh Smriti Pathagar”. The services focuses on the needs of people those who do not have ready access to other sources of assistance and on the most important problems that people have to look, problems to do with their day to day activity, home, job opportunities and their rights. Our library service has always been viewed as an important entity in a local community development and empowerment process, particularly in a urban / rural and disadvantaged community. It has been established as a crucial element in the life of community members, as it provides information that is essential for the community progress. In this year we have purchased some new books on different topics like mental Arithmetic Books, Success Story , Entrepreneur Project Guide book, Financial Accounting Books , Nutrition & Human Development .