The emerging Desi poultry Industry are gradually increasing in India . West Bengal was considered to be one of the major sources of Desi – Country poultry meat and egg and the state was exporting large quantities of egg, meat and Pure Desi – Country fowls to other neighbouring States . In a free-range Desi – Country poultry farming , the birds are raised in a stress-free environment where they are not crowded, have a natural diet of grains, forage, and bugs, and have plenty of fresh air and sunlight. Desi- Country Chicken Breed is an important source of animal protein, and can be raised in situations with limited feed and housing resources.

There is enormous scope for improvement of socioeconomic status of Rural Entrepreneur , Farmers & Self Help Groups through introduction of Desi- Country Farming . We are  conducting  awareness programme on Desi Poultry Farming as alternative farm based livelihood programme .  Bharatiya Jana Seva Mission Desi Poultry unit  began to distribute the chicks to Rural Entrepreneur , Farmers & Self Help Groups around West Bengal . We think that Desi Poultry Farming is sometimes used as the first investment for a livestock ladder (in the sense that one can move from poultry to goat/sheep to cattle etc.) to increase income and get out of poverty.