Our Agriculture Extension project aimed at technology dissemination provides demand based knowledge in agronomic techniques and skills to farmers. Bharatiya Jana Seva Mission has totally focused on Youth farmers and they are given hands on training in modern techniques and best practices exercised and recommended by agriculture scientist.  

With the integrated watershed approach, agriculture and horticulture promotion is taken up on a small scale.

We have organized Awareness programme for the Farmers to extend the techniques of sustainable manag

ement of natural resources on a watershed scale, managed by the local community, for food security, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity in selected area,which could be replicated in similar ecological conditions .

To have a steady source of income, compared to the unreliable income that comes from “shifting cultivation” on degraded lands. A system of rice intensification was adopted in villages, and farmers under went training regarding this technology.

The results have been encouraging, and more farmers are keen to adopt SRI technique for paddy cultivation.